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What Claudia's pupils say about her

"Claudia's Alexander lessons helped enormously more than anything else I tried. I soon had fewer backaches (I had been plagued with them since my mid 20's) and importantly, I had an effective technique for dealing with them when they recurred."
"After lessons with Claudia I leave feeling renewed, with a sense of calm and well-being that I strive to emulate through my day to day practice of the Technique."
"Claudia appears to have a physical comfort, joie de vivre and a wonderful lightness of being that makes her a great advertisement for the Alexander Technique!"
"I now use every spare moment - standing in a queue, sitting on a train, waiting for curtain-up at the theatre to revisit the Alexander directions. These are precious moments of rest and renewal."
"I find the practical lesson insightful, intriguing and enjoyable. I am a happier and calmer person because of them."
"I am a most enthusiastic believer in the Alexander Technique as it has had such a positive impact in so many areas of my life. Every day I see the results and each day I discover something new."

People come to the Alexander Technique for all sorts of reasons.

Here are some more comments;


"By practicing Alexander Technique I have been able to manage and overcome a range of health issues."
"Since learning Alexander Technique I rarely experience the lower back pain and shoulder pain that used to be a regular occurrence for me. If I do have any problems application of the Technique helps me deal with it myself. No pain persists for long anymore."

Emotional well-being and dealing with stress

"I am able to manage the emotional and physical effects of stress much easier. What surprised me was that my confidence improved as well. I leave Claudia's Alexander lessons feeling lighter - and taller."
"I feel more in control and less inclined to get caught up in other peoples stress. The sense of space, of 'allowing' and being in the moment that Claudia teaches are calming and relaxing."
"I learnt not to react to stimuli - to be remote - to inhibit. I have always reacted immediately, being of a nervous disposition, and not wanting to upset anyone. This in itself has caused stress, 'no' was not in my vocabulary nor 'maybe'. I have now learnt to 'inhibit' reactions, physically and verbally. This has relieved tension and created a calmness of mind. This in turn has relaxed my whole system and the original reason - tension headaches - which brought me to the Alexander Technique in the first place has disappeared."


"My posture has indeed improved and I look and feel much more confident."


"Thanks to Claudia's advice my swimming, cycling and skiing all improved, as did my energy levels."


"Best of all is the ease and freedom of movement I experience when simply walking along the street."

Office work

"I have a sedentary job and can sit at my desk for long periods of time without feeling discomfort or having any pain at all. I have learnt to look after myself even when I'm working!"


"I am particularly aware of the benefits of using the Alexander Technique in managing the pressures of work. As a school teacher there are always potentially stressful situations to deal with. What the Alexander Technique allows me is a greater degree of choice in how I respond to situations. It means that I can more easily respond in the calm, clear-headed and effective way that I would like, rather than falling prey to agitation, stress and irrational decisions taken in the heat of the moment. I continue to be fascinated with how I can use the Alexander Technique to refine my teaching practice. It has certainly improved my voice control and awareness of body use and body language. It has helped me to reduce unnecessary expenditure of physical and emotional energy. Overall I would definitely say that the Technique has helped me to be a better teacher and that it allows me more easily enjoy my work."

Playing a musical instrument

"My repetitive strain when playing the violin is a thing of the past which I have my lessons in the Alexander Technique to thank for."
"Claudia is a brilliant Alexander teacher. She knows her stuff and explains it clearly. She is patient, motivates and encourages clients, making anything seem possible. Anyone and everyone can benefit from her lessons."

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